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How do you become good with women/girls? A quantifiable system for learning game.

This article is written by Christiaan and Love Systems instructor Erik Royale. If you’re totally new to pickup and don’t know what Love Systems does yet: we’re the most results oriented self-help group in the world. We make guys better with women, check out the Love Systems website for more details. The article itself contains some pickup-specific language. Feel free to e-mail me or comment when something isn’t clear. I’ll try to get back everyone.

In 2011 Christiaan, theoretical physicist, Dutch approachcoach, potential future instructor and now close friend of mine started Project Amsterdam. PA, like it’s counterparts all around the world, is group of guys with the humble goal of picking up the hottest women in – in our case – Amsterdam.

I’ve been a member of this group since the beginning. In the past year we’ve seen guys come and go in the group. We decided to write this article together about what it takes to get good, and how we practice. It has some useful longer term insights, because we’ve been following guys over a longer time on their journey to become good.

The absolute number 1 rule

When we were brainstorming about how to write this article, we agreed immediately on what is most important. Whatever their starting level was, the guys who simply loved opening got there in the end. I cannot stress this enough, and if you ever followed a bootcamp with Vercetti, your head probably is still spinning from these words: opening is the absolute key to pickup. All the other stuff is -with the right coaching- easily learnable.
On one hand, opening creates positive reference experiences. Everyone has a conversion. Could be 1 lay in a 1000 sets or even worse, but if you’re opening a lot, and you do this because you like doing so, you will get good reactions, phone numbers, makeouts, dates and lays eventually. It might not be the quality of women you’re looking for yet, but it’s motivating to see that your efforts are paying off.
On the other hand it’s practice! I feel this is more important than positive reference experiences, but that’s different for everyone and mainly depends on your inner game. Get stuck in attraction 100 times, and you’ll start wondering about qualification. Talk “boringly” with a girl a 100 times and you’ll automatically start thinking up teasing responses for their stock answers(1). This is where you’ll improve the quality of your approaches, and with that the quality of the women you pick up.

Good news. Deep down, you probably like talking to girls already. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Your mind might not agree at the moment, but that’s just your comfort zone trying to lure you back in. A way to unleash the inner player, is by starting to like talking to people in general more. Generally I feel this is a confidence issue. One of the members of PA recently sent this list to a newer guy in the group to help him out.

As exercises
– Never break eye contact, ever. Not only in sets, but also with guys, ugly girls and your
– Don’t -within reason- move out of the way when walking down the street. Your mindset will
change from “I’m just walking here” to “I’m awesome, bitch :D”
– Talk loudly, dare to be heard
– Classic advice: Be social to everyone.

What’s next?
I’m a mediocre chess player, but I like playing a lot. Once I’m through the opening and the board is all set up -say after 10 moves- and nothing is threatened by my opponent I rarely have a good idea of where I’m going. While I do have some principles in my head, I’m mainly randomly making moves, until a situation comes up that seems exploitable. Or -more often- a situation comes up that is not solvable anymore.
For game this is a pitfall too. Right after you learn to open and do some attraction, you’ll probably have more success with women then ever before in your life. Especially if you’re somewhat like me. It’s very easy to then have the same feeling as in the chess middle game: where the hell do I go now?
In order to catch this problem and always have something to practice Christiaan came up with an elaborate system for learning game. There are other ways, but this is as clear, quantifiable and detailed as possible.

We made levels, because levels are awesome.

Level 1: Opening, transitioning, attraction and number closes

1a) You can open at least 10 sets a night without a doubt.
1b) You can open with different kinds of openers, both direct and indirect openers
1c) You have experimented with different kinds of sets. That is: walking sets, seated sets in bars and restaurants, mixed sets, dancing sets etc.
1d) You have good body posture
1e) You have good delivery
1f) Your energy level is adapted to the set. That is, you come in with slightly higher energy.
1g) You have the skill to lock in as early as possible in every set.
1h) You transition well 100% of the time, using also different kinds of routines of the routines manuals.
1i) You can crush or handle shit tests well.
1j) You achieve mini isolations most of the time with your target.
1k) You are not afraid to open and transition boldly, creating the healthy tension, which creates attraction.
1l) You get solid attraction going in the attraction phase, using various different kinds of routines from the routine manuals.
1m) You go for the number close 100% of the time and get the number 75% of the time.
1n) You have good wingmen, good wingmen rules and a sense of buying temperature wingmen game.
1o) You do not eject yourself prematurely out of sets, because you had nothing to say.

When you think you have mastered all these points you can try to pass level 1 by achieving the
following target:

Target level 1:

1. Get 7 number closes on a night

Additional exercises:

1. Go to a bar with 15 sets or more. Open every available set in the bar within half an hour.
2. Open the three most beautiful women of the club.
3. Ask your wingmen to point out the three most difficult sets and open those.

Level 2: Qualification, comfort, kino, dates, seduction

2a) You go through the qualification phase, by also using various kinds of routines from the routines manuals.
2b) You use calibrated hoop sizes for qualification.
2c) You recognize whenever she reaches the tipping point where she starts to qualify herself.
2d) You get into comfort phase 75% of all well opened sets.
2e) You also use different of kinds of comfort routines from the routines manuals.
2f) You start touching her right from the opener.
2g) You end up in the romantic/seduction phase of kino
2h) You can isolate the target in sets that go well.
2i) You can logistically escalate sets that go well.
2j) You can advance after a number close further in the triad model to make the number a solid nonflaky number.
2k) You can have at least one new date a week through cold approach per night you go out.
2l) You develop one or two good blueprints for dates which seem to work well.

When you think you have mastered all these points you can try to pass level 2 by achieving the
following targets:

Targets level 2:
2m) You have the option to schedule three dates in one week with different women you’ve met through cold approach.
2n) You manage to get an f-close with 30 % of all women you date within the first 3 dates.

Level 3: Fast seduction, Rapid escalation, 9’s and 10’s game, Same night lays, daygame

3a) You apply fine tuned sexualization techniques, such as hoop theory.
3b) You can use different flavors of attraction techniques to get solid attraction going in the majority of you’re set.
3c) You are able to get same night lays on a regular basis.
3d) You develop intuition and techniques to escalate rapidly logistically, emotionally and physically.
3e) You have access to social circles/events that have 9’s and 10’s in them.
3f) You manage to reach the comfort phase with 9’s and 10’s on a regular basis.
3g) You can open and close women during the day and have dates with them.
3h) You have options for sexual relationships with multiple women.
3i) Phone and text game is integrated in your game so that most numbers are nonflaky.
3j) You body language and other aspects of game are such that you get approached by women once in a while.

When you think you have mastered all these points you can try to pass level 3 by achieving the following targets:

Targets level 3:
1. Go out three nights a week for two weeks and get two same night lays.
2. You manage to get an f-close with 50 % of all women on the first date

Additional exercises:
1. Have at least one 10 in your social circle.
2. Have a multiple relationship.
3. Have 4 same night lays in one month

After this, you can basically go anywhere you like, but there is “Level 4 and 5: Inner game and social circle mastery, 9’s and 10’s game, celeb game/status.” Somewhat beyond the scope of the article, so I’ll save that for some other time.

Group framesetting
Of course it helps a lot that the group started out of a desire to get great at pickup and teaching pickup. We’ve set the frame of focusing on fun and no pressure to perform. Everyone is helping each other improve in every way possible. For me this was the first time in my life that I was with a group of friends where failure was an option. When I was in university, whenever anyone approached a girl the rest of the group waited until the approach failed (hey, we were afcs!) and then start ridiculing the guy who did the approach. I don’t know why, but we did it. If you’re currently in a group like this, fix it as soon as possible or go out alone. It’s absolutely detrimental to the learning process if you feel it’s not 100% ok to fail.

If you forget everything else, remember this
By making sure you open, know where you’re working on and are in a good group you’ve set yourself up with the best chance possible to become good at pickup. If one of these things is not in order, it might be a good idea to try and fix it to make it as easy as possible for yourself. On the other hand: You can have none of these, and still pick up hot girls. So don’t let this article hold you back in any way. Go out and practice tonight!

Want to do what according to Savoy is “one of the best things you can do to get better with women?” Check out my website and e-mail me about personalized coaching!

Christiaan and Erik Royale


1 Anyone who’s been doing this for a while will agree that the first 10 minutes of an approach are usually 90+ %


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